What is the difference between, pine wood, rubber wood, solid wood and teak wood?

What is the difference between, pine wood, rubber wood, solid wood and teak wood?


Talking about furnitures, there are many choices of base materials like pine wood, solid wood, teak wood, and rubberwood. But how do they differ each other, and which one you should choose for maximum efficiency? If you know about the characteristics of each wood, then it would be super easy to make the right call.

Basically, rubberwood is derived from a rubber tree. Some people refer to this material as white teak, or malaysian oak. Although the tree itself is originated from Amazon area, but the lower grade rubberwood furniture usually made from the trees grown in southeast asian countries, mostly Malaysia. This type of wood is not really resistant to weather and not suitable to be made into outdoor furnitures, instead it is made into cutting boards, toys and shelves for your home.

While pine wood could be harvested from sugar pine, white pine, or yellow pine. Each type of wood also has different uses. White pine is the most common materials for furniture, cabinets, wall panels, and floors. In the early American colonial era, white pine with small knots were used to make various furnitures. Sugar pine and yellow pine are the ones with higher grade and stronger characteristics. They are often made into constructions for interior and exteriors. Some even made into boat decks and outdoor furniture. There are even higher grade pine woods which is used to make vacation cabins and other medium sized constructions.

Aaliyah Teak Party Bench

Teak wood is derived from a species of tree native to tropical area named Tectona Grandis. This material is considered as exquisite because of its resistance to weather and rotting is far exceed the other type of woods. The older the tree, the more expensive it gets. This is because a good quality teakwood could be harvested only after 80 years since it is planted. You would want teak furniture at your home because of its extremely high durability and exotic patterns and grains.

Solid wood is not referring to a specific type of wood, but rather a material. A solid wood could be taken from any type of tree as long as it is not processed first. Depending on the type of the tree, a solid wood would need special treatments first to prevent it from deteriorating. This type of material is very flexible and useful, besides you could make small repairs onto it if there is any damage. During a construction process, several types of solid wood could be used to make a unique combination.

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