Types Of Epoxy River Resin Dining Tables In Singapore

The combination of using epoxy resin with wood is the trend right now and we can all agree why! Resin allows the flexibility of using any colours you want to create the ideal dining table for your dining room. 

The most popular design is called the River Dining Table where a blue strip of resin usually runs across the wooden top, mimicking how a river flows. It definitely is a statement piece in the dining area, bringing an element of nature into the living space. 

Once cured, epoxy resin provides a clear high-gloss finish, giving the table an extremely beautiful shine. Another benefit of using epoxy resin is their durability, making them perfect for hard-wearing surfaces such as dining table or bar tables. 

From pebbles, sand to pictures and other objects, you can include it into the resin to make a customized dining table in Singapore. Let your imagination run free!





Suar Wood Resin Table

Suar wood is known for its beautiful lighter-toned sapwood that stand out against its darker-toned sapwood, creating a nice contrast that breaks away from uniformity. They are also a sturdy wood that is known for its hardiness. Its beautiful and unique wood grains is what attracts most homeowners! Just like how unique our fingerprints are, the wood grains on the Suar wood is naturally unique as well.

To replicate a flowing river, it is designed in such as way so that the resin is flowing organically across the table. 

Paired with black metal legs, it adds a touch of stylishness to the piece. Style the dining table with some home decors made from natural elements such as pebbles or dried acorns as the centrepiece for a natural look. 




Teak Wood Resin Table

Teak is not usually seen combined with resin, but they are the perfect wood to go for if you want something sleek and minimalist. Teak wood is well known for its durability and water resistance due to its high natural oil content, making it suitable for both indoor and outdoor furniture. 

Teak wood also gives you much more flexibility when it comes to the wood tone. They can be stained to four different colors to match the rest of your existing furniture in the house and also the color of the resin chosen for the dining table. 

This homeowner opted for a smooth and matt finish instead of a gloss finish. Paired with teak wooden legs and an extremely beautiful matching dining bench in Singapore, the dining area looks inviting for guests to gather around for some good homecooked meal. 

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