London-inspired Retro Red Shoe Cabinet

One of my favourite retro pieces in the showroom! Don’t be deceived by its looks – it’s totally brand new! We’re loving where the homeowner has placed this metal shoe cabinet – against a wall with London-inspired prints wallpaper! Looks like it has found a good home, don’t you think?

The wallpaper complements the shoe cabinet perfectly with some red telephone booth and newspaper prints for that retro vibe. Place a rotary dial telephone on top of the shoe cabinet to add details to the space and complete that look to your living space! Or a matching umbrella stand by the side for rainy days ahead. We’ve also curated a few items that would help complement the shoe cabinet for that retro space in your home!


Umbrella Holder 

How about this pair of yellow rainboot umbrella stand? Place it next to the metal shoe cabinet and it will keep your umbrellas in place. It’s convenient to grab an umbrella before rushing out of the house too! 

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Coat Rack

Or get this coat rack in either red or white to hang items you would grab before heading out of the house! It will be a great addition to the space with it antique look! 

Rotary Telephone

A rotary telephone in cream would match the tone of the wallpaper and add that retro feel! You can use it as an accent to a space, or use it for real! Home telephones are almost obsolete now with mobile phones, but don’t you miss the days of sitting by the phone and chatting? Purchase it here


Console Tables

Abay Teak Console


Console Tables

Alex Teak Console


Console Tables

Edelynn Teak Console


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