How to choose your ideal dining table size?

Ideal dining table size is basically determined by the shape and the dimension of the dining room that you want to place the dining table in and the amount of family member that will sit and eat at that dining table. Your decision should be made from the careful assessment and preferences based on your kitchen or dining room. Avoid any unmeasured decision as it will ruin your dining room and the whole dining experiences.

You can start with the measurement of the room to decide what size your dining table should be. It;s important to ensure that there will be enough space at least four feet on each side so everyone can push their chair back and move around. There is no benefit to installing a beautiful table in a spacious dining room as it will be too much and useless, the large table also takes all the space from a small dining room. So the main idea is to install dining table with the right size.

The height of dining tables may vary depending on the styles but most of the regular dining tables are about 30 inches in height. The dining chair is designed to be 18 inches from the ground. With these heights, you can measure the space for people’s legs when they’re sitting at the dining table. It’s important to have about 12 inches allowance between the top of the seat and the bottom of the tabletop to make a comfortable seating and eating in your teak furniture.

The size of the room, even though dictate the width of the dining but has nothing to do with it height. You can even apply a bar-type tables along with high bar stool or chair, but you still have to consider the same guideline to ensure that your guest has enough room for their legs.

When it goes to the size of the table, you should know that each person should ample their elbow while eating. It requires space for about 24 to 30 inches for each person so they can have comfortable sitting and eating on the dining table. The rectangular table will require 10-12 inches additional table space. You can also put the proportion of the table and the room into the consideration. You can continue to calculate the potential size of your table based on your family member or probable guests.

These factors should be clearly noted in a paper so you can take it to the home improvement center to help you decide which kind or type of dining table you should purchase.

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