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If you have been using your mattress for at least 8 years, it’s time to consider getting a new one as years of usage can affect the performance of the mattress. However, this does not apply to all mattress as there are some which are able to still perform well after 8 years. If you have woken up in pain, constantly waking up throughout the night or just don’t feel well-rested, it’s a sign to consider changing your mattress. 

The thickness of mattresses can range from 6 inches to over 20 inches. We all love the feeling of plopping down on a soft mattress at the end of a tiring day. Surely a 20 inches thick mattress is way better than a 6 inches thick mattress, right? That’s usually what everyone thinks – the thicker the better!

However, that’s not necessarily true! Choosing the ideal thickness of your mattress actually depends on various factors and sometimes a thinner mattress might be more suitable for you instead of opting for a thicker one.

Whether you’re looking for a new mattress for your king or queen size bedframe in Singapore, this guide will help you choose one that will improve your sleep. 

1. Your Weight

Between two people of different weight, the heavier one would need a thicker mattress so that it can provide support for a good sleeping posture. If you are average-sized, a mattress with 8 inches of thickness is sufficient so keep that in mind when you go mattress shopping! There are plenty of options in the market and that will help save you tons of time and money by focusing on the ones that’s suitable for you! 

Just remember to always test the mattress out before buying as it will affect your sleep quality. Don’t be afraid to lie down and test it out! After all, it is a big purchase!

2. The Type of Mattress

Memory foam, latex mattress, soft foam mattress…you’ve probably heard many various types of mattresses in Singapore. The material of the mattress affects the density of the mattress, and this in turns affects the thickness of the mattress required for you.

Other than the weight of the sleeper, the density of the mattress plays a part too. For a soft mattress to support a heavier person, the mattress must be thicker as the mattress will be more compressed by the person who weighs heavier than a lighter person. But if you’re getting a dense mattress, the thickness of the mattress does not have to be as much compared to a soft mattress to support the same person.

3. Your Favourite Sleeping Position

Sleeping position affects the support needed for different parts of your body. For back sleepers, you need support for your shoulders and buttocks. For side sleepers, hip and shoulders support is needed. 8 to 10 inches of firm mattress would be ideal to provide the support needed for a good sleeping posture.

As for people who sleep on their stomach, comfort is needed more than support. Hence, a soft mattress of 10 inches and above would be more suitable for people who tend to sleep on their stomach. 

With all this guide, hope that it made your shopping experience a little bit easier as you look for your next mattress!

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