How Many Wihardja Items Did You Spot In Toggle’s Kin?


Kin is a local drama set in contemporary Singapore that involves four families, exploring the complexities of life, love and the relationships amongst the family members. The story revolves around mainly two girls, Ella and Yoke, who were switched at birth 23 years ago. They were not swapped by accident. Their mothers, May Wan and Jessica, both 55, attempt to reveal the truth.

In Episode Four, Deanna deals with her health issue and worries if her husband, Kenneth is able to manage the household alone while Jessica is trying to settle a loan shark crisis for her brother, Louis.

Are you watching Channel 5’s Kin? Did you spot our furniture in the Bala family in Episode 4?

Featured in episode 4 is our Dexter Wood Wall Tree Shelf and our Cassette Tape Coffee Table. Our Dexter Wood Wall Tree Shelf can be mounted onto the wall as shown in the filming set of Bala’s family, or simply rest it against the ground. They are ideal for storing your books while creating a statement piece at home!

Which episode are you currently at?


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Cassette Tape Coffee Table


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Coffee Tables & Side Tables

Enrique Teak Coffee Table


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