7 Rainbow Furniture Pieces To Put A Smile On Everyone

7 Rainbow Furniture Pieces To Put A Smile On Everyone

Our rainbow friendship teak bench seems to be a pretty popular piece amongst our customers! It was originally customized for a school that wanted a bench where students can sit and enjoy during their breaks. It’s bright colours brighten up spaces and just seem to put a smile on anyone who sees it. It’s the perfect for any fun spaces or any spaces you wish to add pops of colors! 

Check out these seven other fun rainbow furniture pieces for your home!

Rainbow Outdoor Bench

This bright rainbow bench is the perfect fit for this school! Placed in a relaxing corner, the school has hung up some canvas artwork done by students that matches the bright and fun style of the bench.

source: pinterest

Rainbow graffiti wardrobe

Have an old wardrobe? Paint a coat of white paint over the wardrobe if you’re using lighter colors so that they will show up better. Next, choose your paint colors and start splashing! Another method for easier clean-up is to consider spray paint instead!  

source: pinterest

English antique armchair with a contemporary twist

Have an old armchair? Upholster it with velvet of various colors to give it a contemporary twist to the look of the chair! It will be perfect for that cosy reading nook! 


source: pinterest

Colorful round wall shelf

You can get a circular plank and give it different coats of paint for each shelf. Alternatively, skip the circular plank and do it directly on the wall! It will certainly give your room a pop of color! 

source: pinterest

Gradient rainbow outdoor chair lounger

Bring out the artisan in you by giving your outdoor lounger a fresh coat of paint – in gradient of rainbow colors! You can also do this for any of your old furniture! Now lounge back and enjoy the sunshine! 

source: pinterest

Retro English Sofa with a colorful twist

Customized one-of-a-kind furniture always give your space a unique touch to your space. Relax and have a chat over a cup of coffee on this beautiful colourful sofa! 

source: pinterest

Rainbow colored dining chairs and bar stools

Wooden furniture are the easiest to work with! Change the look of a rustic Scandinavian bar stool in Singapore to a bright and fun piece with some colorful paint! 

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