6 Space-saving Furniture For Every Small HDBs And Homes In Singapore

We all understand the struggles of staying in a small HDB or BTO flat. While you can try leading the trending minimalist lifestyle or try decluttering the Marie Kondo way, it might not be a viable option for all. Space-saving furniture is an ingenious solution to make your living space look bigger. Whether it’s in the bedroom, living room or the study room, there are tons of space-saving furniture on the market to maximize the space at home.

1. Luis Teak Daybed

Has no one ever wished to utilize the space underneath the sofa? While there are some sofas on the market that comes with hidden storage space, it is not common to find one especially here in Singapore. This Luis Teak Daybed feature two drawers at the bottom of the daybed, allowing homeowners to keep remote controls safe away from kids or pets! If you have a cat that constantly loves to topple things off surfaces in the living room, this is the best solution!

Coffee Tables & Side Tables

Trishelle Teak Trunk Coffee Table – Pink


Coffee Tables & Side Tables

Paris Suitcase Coffee Table White


Coffee Tables & Side Tables

Café Suitcase Coffee Table


Coffee Tables & Side Tables

Loft Suitcase Coffee Table White


2. Foldable Teak Dining Table

Some HDB or BTO layouts might seem impossible to add a dining table at home. With this foldable teak dining table in Singapore, you keep it slim and open it up depending on the number of guests you have. It even comes with a few drawers in the middle where you can access cutleries and other utensils easily without walking back to the kitchen cabinets. 

3. Tate Teak Double Bunker Bed

If you have two kids sharing the same bedroom, double bunk beds in Singapore are the best solution. Crafted from teak wood, they are sturdy and will help you to free up the space in the bedroom for other furniture pieces such as study tables and wardrobes. Never compromise on quality when it concerns the safety of your children! 

4. Aaliyah Party Bench

Balconies are notoriously small in Singapore, and you are considered pretty lucky if your home even comes with one. This Aaliyah Teak Party Bench can transform from a bench fit for two to a table top with benches that can accommodate up to 4 pax! Keep your balcony spacious with this bench and open it up when you have an outdoor party!

5. Shaniece Teak Balcony Set of 5

Following the topic of balcony, this Shaniece Teak Balcony Set of 5 can keep four stools underneath the table top so that no extra space is taken up for the seats, freeing up your floorspace.  

6. Charlena Teak Storage Bedframe

If you’re looking for bedframes with pull-out drawers for more storage space instead of the usual ones that comes with hydraulic lift, this Charlena Teak Storage Bed Frame is the solution for you. It features two drawers on each side of the bed, allowing you to compartmentalize your bedsheets or duvets into 4 different drawers.

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