6 Easy Steps to Transform Your Bed Into A Hotel Bed

6 Easy Steps to Transform Your Bed Into A Hotel Bed

This beautiful Suar wood platform Bed Frame in King was stained to a darker shade by this homeowner to match his black leather office chair. This just looks like the perfect bed to return home to after a long day at work! 

Our travel experience isn’t just about the destinations we go to; the soft, fluffy hotel beds are part of the reasons why we enjoy ourselves so much on a vacation as well! Wishing that you can sleep in a hotel bed every day? Learn how to recreate that sleeping experience in your bedroom where you can enjoy for 365 days all year round at the comfort of your home!

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#1. Thread Count

Look out for bedsheets with high thread count for your mattress. The higher the number is, the softer your bedsheet will be. For hotels, they usually use bedsheets with a three-hundred thread count and above. Check the material of the bedsheet as well. If you are not sleeping in an air-conditioned room every day, you want to pick bedsheets that are 100% cotton. If you are cherry-picking, search for Egyptian cotton. Egyptian cotton is known to be the world’s finest cotton with its softness and strength of its fibre. 

#2. Pillows, the more the merrier!

Have a variety of pillows on your bed so that you can dive right in and snuggle up! Or prop them against the headboard of your bed and watch a show! If you need pillows to support your back, get some Euro Shams! They are perfect for it! What’s better than enjoying a late-night movie at home in the bed full of comfy pillows on a Saturday night, right? 

#3. All white

Stick to white lines, bedsheets, duvet covers – for everything on your bed and you can never go wrong! White helps to give an impression of the room as being clean and fresh. It also brightens up the whole room, lifting the mood of the sleeper as well. Choose curtains which are white and slightly sheer so that it feels airy.







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#4. Warm Glow

Soft glow helps to set the tone of the room – warm, cosy and tranquil. Hotels have been using this trick to create an inviting and a welcoming room to its guests. Dim lighting also have another function – it helps the brain to relax and fool the body into producing melatonin, a hormone that is essential in regulating your sleep and wake cycles. Just add a simple night lamp with warm lights on your bedside table! 

#5. Upgrade your Mattress

Mattresses are the product which we spend most of our time on! On average, we spend eight hours sleeping on it – that’s one-third of our day! You can accessorize your bedroom with all the products listed above, but nothing beats having a good mattress to sleep on at night! Hotels use high-quality mattresses because they know this is essential to having a good experience for the guests. If you have been using your mattress for at least a good 7-10 years, it’s time to consider changing a new one! 


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#6. Scent your room

Invest in a good-quality candle or diffuser of your favourite scent and place it in your bedroom. Other than its relaxing property, you can also train your brain to associate the scent with sleep. Over a period of time, the smell will signal and prepare you for bed.  

With these 6 tips, style your bedroom into a hotel room and have a restful and quality sleep every night! 

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