5 Best Soft Toys Stores To Check Out In Singapore

5 Best Soft Toys Stores To Check Out In Singapore

Can’t get enough of soft toys? Meet George the gorilla that has just joined the family at Wihardja! They are soft and cuddly, a perfect gift for kids to snuggle up with. Here are also five other toy stores in Singapore you can check out for plushies! 

1. Toys ’R’ Us. In Singapore

Toys ‘R’ Us needs no introduction. With massive outlets in various parts of Singapore, there is a huge selection of toys for both boys and girls, from science experiment kits to puzzles and plushies. 

2. Kiddy Palace

Conveniently located around the heartlands, Kiddy Palace houses a wide collection of soft toys to other products for children and even newborns.


Animal Plush Toy




Cushion Covers

Pandan cake Cushion


Cushion Covers

Fil-Leh Cushion Cover


3. Hamleys

Originated from London, Hamleys is one of the oldest toy stores in the world! If you like to customise your very own bear, Hamleys would be the perfect place with its Build-A-Bear workshop! 

4. The Better Toy Store

Designed with the purpose to engage its users, toys at The Better Toy Store are selected for its value to engage a child’s mind. There will be something suitable for babies as young as a few months old to even teenagers!

Super Single Bed Frames

Tiffanie Teak Bed Frame Super Single



Single Bed Frames

Hudsen Teak Bed Frame Single



Queen Size Bed Frames

Marlee Teak Poster Bed Frame Queen


5. Natures Collection

Natures collection has a wide range of plushies, from small ones to large collectables ones that even adults would love to get their hands on!


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