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It’s easy to see why many new homeowners in Singapore opt for hardwood flooring. It adds warmth and cosiness to the space, creating a home for relaxation. 

However, they are also the most vulnerable to scratches. The vulnerable areas are not limited to the dining area or the study room where there are chairs. Wooden flooring under heavy furniture or furniture with sharp legs is also vulnerable to scratches, especially if you like to shift pieces of furniture around the house from time to time for a refreshed look! 

Use any of these 3 solutions to minimize floor damages! These solutions not only protect your wooden flooring, they can also help to protect the legs of pieces of wooden furniture from damages. 


1. Lift Them Up

If you usually push your furniture in place, stop doing that! Pushing or dragging causes the most damage to your floor. Other than that, you also do not want your HDB neighbour living in the unit just below yours to come knocking on your door for the noise. 

Lift them up and put them in place would prevent floor damages and also damages to your furniture, especially if it’s a piece of wooden furniture. However, this usually requires another buddy to help you with the shifting of furniture.

For other furniture such as dining chairs in Singapore, lifting them up instead of dragging is easy. However, most homeowners overlook the fact that chairs also move from small movements after sitting on the chair. To prevent scratches, other than having a good habit of lifting them up, homeowners also need to have some protection. 


2. Use a Rug or Carpet

For furniture such as coffee tables, sofas and armchairs, you can place a rug or a carpet underneath them to add layers and texture to your interior. This will protect your floor in instances when someone accidentally bumps into your furniture, causing it to shift. With this protective layer, you can also push your furniture into place with a peace of mind.

The living room and the dining room in Singapore is usually in one large living hall. Placing a rug or carpet, for example, in the dining room to prevent your dining chairs from scratching the floors also help to better section the dining area from the living room.


3. Use Furniture Pads

You can find furniture pads in circles or squares, usually made of felt, cork or rubber. They can be found easily at local convenience stores, Daiso and many DIY stores. Place them at the four corners and you can shift them around without lifting them up now! These pads are also useful for eliminating the dragging sound a chair makes when people stand and sit.

Alternatively, you can make your own furniture pads by recycling old clothing! Cut out any towels into square pieces and simply glue it to the end of your furniture. Old t-shirts do the trick too but you would probably need a few layers!


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