3 Quick Tips for Choosing Wine

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Merlot, Cabernet, Shiraz…the list could go on! If you’re not a wine person, wines are great as gifts too for many occasions – for housewarming, birthdays, house gatherings, or simply as a token of appreciation! But choosing a bottle of wine can be pretty intimidating as there are so many types of wines! It helps if there’s someone around to ask for opinions. But if you’re choosing a bottle of wine in supermarkets like NTUC or Cold Storage, here’s some quick tips in helping you to choose a bottle of wine! 

1. Look at the labels!

Don’t be deceived by the fancy image in front – always read the description at the back! It will give you information on the taste of the wine – whether it’s fruity, sweet or dry. Knowing the preference of your recipient would help! 

2. Higher price = better wine? 

Should you go for the wines with higher price tags or those on sale? Higher price tags do not necessarily equate to a better wine. That being said, it does not mean that one should only look at wines on sale. Usually, items on sale could mean that the stock isn’t selling so well. However, if there’s a wine you’ve tried and like, go for it! 

3. Now, start googling!

If you have narrowed down your options but is still undecided, google the names of the wines and look for those with higher ratings and reviews! 




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