3 Must Have Outdoor Furniture in Singapore

3 Must Have Outdoor Furniture in Singapore

As a tropical country, Singapore has one of the best weather for outdoor activity. It is very beautiful and a perfect place for escaping the harsh winter. Though the modernization has touched almost every place in this little jewel, the air still clean and the country itself very proud of keeping the cleanliness of the street and public space. It is a pity if your home or lodging place does not have a good outdoor area for lounging and enjoying the weather. Therefore, for ultimate comfort, investing a decent outdoor furniture is not overrated at all. So here are 3 must have outdoor units that you must have in your place.

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  1. Outdoor chair
Having an outdoor chair can make your patio a very lovely place to enjoy morning sun or twilight sky. Outdoor chair Singapore mainly use synthetic rattan or wicker furniture since they are very suitable with the design and style of the housing. Another alternative is using a wicker sofa bed in your backyard or on a poolside. Imagine spending one fine afternoon reading a book on a comfortable sofa bed at your very own home. Rattan and wicker outdoor chair also low maintenance, affordable and easy to rearrange.

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  1. Bench and dining table
If you happen to have a big yard in your place, why not having a dining table with the nice bench outside. It is very suitable for Sunday brunch with friends and relative or a barbecue night with your neighbor. Stainless steel bench Singapore and dining table is a good option since you probably will not need to move it often. They are durable and have a minimalist vibe for those who live in housing area or event apartment. Putting an outdoor bench in your garden also a good idea for those who pay extra attention to their yard.


Dining Tables

Jade Teak Dining Table






  1. Balcony swing
Who does not love having a pretty little swing in the balcony? This is very suitable for those who live in a modern minimalist apartment with petite balcony. There are several options of balcony swing Singapore, but the most favorite is the single half sphere rattan swing. It is lovely and dreamy, very suitable for enjoying quality time after a full day of work. For those who seek luxury and comfort, choose the semi-daybed swing with a nice cushion that hanging low on your balcony. It will act as pretty decoration as well as your personal refuge after enduring a long hectic day.

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