Why you should buy Magic Koil mattress from Wihardja Furniture Singapore?

Why you should buy Magic Koil mattress from Wihardja in Singapore?


Magic Koil has been involved in bed improvement, development, and innovation since 1995. Magic Koil is well known to have high-quality products and services. Magic Koil has been developed as international standard corporations that produce certified and international standardise mattresses. All of the Magic Koil mattresses are manufactured in Singapore through a very strict quality control measurement with advanced technologies in whole processes.

Magic Koil has dedicated itself to provide comforts, healthy, and high quality sleeping for its customers. Magic Koil mattresses are featured with maximal pressure relief. This feature will give your back the firm and strong support during your sleeping time. It’s more than a sleeping bed. The mattresses are also fully equipped with the individual barrel shape rocket springs that are specially designed to maintain an exceptional balance of comfort. The Magic Koil mattresses are the engineer’s works as they’re all precise manufactured including their parts. Each spring of the Magic Koil mattresses can move independently so it can manage comfort whatever your sleeping position or motion.  


If you have any a headache or back pain issues, Magic Koil Mattress is perfectly suitable for you. You’ll get the benefits as soon as you sleep on the Magic Koil mattresses. However, most of the magic Koil mattresses are sold separately from the bed frames. In this case, you’re allowed to purchase bed frames from other brands as you can still gain the benefits of the Magic Koil mattress singapore.

You can find the Magic Koil mattress in Wihardja showroom. It’s suggested for you to buy Magic Koil Mattress from Wihardja as it has competitive deals for you. In other hands, you can simply find your desired bed frame to suit your Magic Koil mattress. Wihardja is well known to be expert in wooden furniture. Wihardja will provide you a bunch of wooden bed frame. Besides, you can simply check your Magic Koil mattress and bed frames in person, it’s way better than if you purchase them from online or overseas. In fact, you don’t have to be bothered with any shipping problems.

Wihardja showrooms are located at Enterprise One in Kaki Bukit and another at Toh Guan Road East. It’s advisable for you to visit the offline showroom so you can physically check your desired type of Magic Koil mattress singapore and the bedframes. Wihardja has interesting deals for you who want to buy Magic Koil mattress, for further information about the deals you can visit Wihardja official website.

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