Why is teak wood so expensive?

Why is teak wood so expensive?

The teak wood furniture singapore is spread around the world. You can simply find teak wood furniture singapore in almost all of the furniture catalogs from various vendors and suppliers or home improvement stores. You’ll also find out it soon that most of the teak wood furniture singapore is so expensive. It doesn’t matter about the sizes, designs, or shapes the teak wood furniture will have the higher price compared to other wooden materials. There some reasons why teak wood is so expensive, and most of them related the quality and the process.

Many furniture singapore vendors make good quality teak wood furniture available for you. Handcrafting is reported to be the best way to craft the teak wood, as it can maintain the personal touch and long lifetime. Most vendors will give a decade warranty and two months refund guarantee. High-quality teak wood is going through a long and detailed drying process to maintain the consistency and 10 percent moisture content. This professional drying process is an obligated step so teak wood can stand for decades as it’s built into a furniture singapore. Hand finishing is also conducted by most manufacturers especially in the last step of sanding. However, natural drying is still the best way to get best quality teak wood but it will take 8 months before it can be crafted.

So are those all the factors that make teak wood so expensive? No. Teak wood has an incredible durability and high resistance to weather changes, molds, termites, extreme temperature, insects, and any UV exposure. The beauty is derived from the oil concentrate contents, that can change the color into silver gray patina as it left untreated under the sunlight exposures. Those characters are represented with the teak wood maturity that can only be achieved in 10 to 50 years old age. There are teak wood grades that differentiate qualities of teak woods based on their ages. At this point, the demand and supply become the basic reasons why teak wood furniture singapore is so expensive.

In other hands, Indonesia as the center of teak wood plantation now has strict regulation for teak wood through taxes and quotas. As teak wood furniture singapore arrives in your country the price will certainly increase due to in and out taxes. Now, you know the quality, process, demand-supply law, taxes, quotas are the factors that boost teak wood furniture singapore to the expensive prices to buy.


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