What are the various kinds of wardrobe available in Singapore furniture stores?

What are the various kinds of wardrobe available in Singapore furniture stores?

Purchasing a wardrobe can be a tricky task as you don’t have any clue about the various kinds of wardrobe available in Singapore furniture stores. In fact, almost all furniture brands have their own wardrobe making hundred of wardrobe products is actually available in the markets. Knowing the styles and types of wardrobe can certainly help you to find your desired wardrobe. These are several of common types of wardrobe in Singapore furniture stores:


The Shaker style wardrobe is a simple kind compared to other types of wardrobe design. The wooden Shaker wardrobe looks astonishing due to its thin leg and simple designs. In fact, Shaker wardrobe can fit most type of bedroom and it can blend the bedroom decorating very well. The Shaker wardrobe is usually available at an affordable price compared to other types of wardrobe.


In the term of designs and appearances, the French style wardrobe is the opposite of the Shaker wardrobe. French style wardrobe features detailed and complex appearance compared to other kinds of wardrobe styles. It involves detailed carved woodwork and pelmet on the doors and carved feet. The French style wardrobe look more antique and historic, it’s important to consider your bedroom decorating match before purchasing this type of wardrobe.


The modern style of furniture usually involves gloss finish on the surface of furnishing. Any modern style of bedroom decorating will fit this wardrobe. Gloss style wardrobe will provide spacious look on the small room due to reflective gloss surface that bounces the light around the room, whether it’s the sunlight or lamp. This type of wardrobe are available in various color, but you should invest more for white color.



Well, this type of wardrobe is certainly not strict on a certain model. The Painted wardrobe is referring to the color preferences that are commonly applied to the wood wardrobe. It’s usually built from the soft wooden materials so it can be easily painted. If you change your bedroom decorating or painting regularly, this type of wardrobe is certainly suitable for you as you can maintain the color due to your recent bedroom decorating.

Mixed style

As you enter the furniture store in Singapore, you can easily find the mixed style of wardrobe. This means the wardrobe includes the variations of the styles mentioned above. You can easily Rustic-French style wardrobe, where it has full carved body and doors but has no painting finish. Or Shaker style with some French carving in the corner of wardrobe. Whatever the style, visit Wihardja for your wood furniture needs.

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