Transform Your Dining Area With These Simple Upgrades

The dining area is one of the most important rooms in the house as it is so much more than just an area for dining. From hosting guests, birthday celebrations to planning for events or rushing work for some deadlines, the dining area serves as a multi-purpose area. It is important that you style your dining area so that it’s cosy and comfortable for you to get down to some serious work on the laptop or simply having conversations at the table over a cup of tea. 

The look of our dining area has probably been the same for the last few years and possibly more! Let’s face it – all the dining table needs is to provide a surface that is stable and it will be in good working condition which gives you no reason to buy a new one and change the style of your dining area! Money is hard to earn and it’s such a waste to see a perfectly working dining table thrown away. 

So, rather than throwing away your old dining table in Singapore, give it a coat of polish to let it shine again if you have a wooden dining table or give it a good wipe! Here are other ways you can refresh your space with small and simple changes!


Having warm lights immediately changes the ambience of the dining area. Use ceiling spotlights with warm light bulbs adds a stylish touch to the space, drawing guests’ attention to the dining area once they step into the house. It also creates an intimate atmosphere fit for any celebrations!

Dining Chairs to Bench

A great alternative to dining chairs are dining benches. They can easily be tucked away under the dining table when not in use to free up valuable floor space. So instead of looking crammed with all those dining chairs, switch them up for dining benches. Besides, they are also a good option if you are working with a tight budget. Another major plus point is that they can seat more people too!

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Change the layout

For a totally new look, consider changing the layout of your dining area. For example, placing your dining table just behind the kitchen counter or the entryway. Place a dining bench to create a seamless and sleek look.

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Say Yes To Round Shapes

If you do not have large groups of guests over frequently, forego a rectangular dining table for round ones if it’s really time to replace it! With a family of four, a small round dining table will be sufficient for your family’s needs. Choose dining chair in Singapore with comfortable seats such as these ones. 

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A splash of colour

A simple coloured geometric shape can give a playful and fun touch to a simple and boring dining area. With a pot of paint, a brush and a creative mind, turn your dining area into what you exactly envision!

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