Tips for Buying Sofa Online in Singapore

Tips for Buying Sofa Online in Singapore

If you are on a tight budget but desperately need a new sofa for your living room, you should know that IKEA is not the answer. There are many places to buy good quality furniture in Singapore with a very delicious sale. One of the best answers is to buy from online stores, especially for the big piece of furniture like sofa and bed. However, buying online can be tricky since you cannot see and touch the product directly. There are many scams happen online, and your Singapore sofa might not be as good as what you have expected if you are not careful. So here are some useful tips for maximizing online sofa sale Singapore.

  1. Choose a reputable online store

Before even browsing the type of sofa that you want, look up first about company reputation and integrity. Preferably you buy from a company that is native of Singapore or at least have an official branch in Singapore. An accident can happen in the shipping process and you might need to complain the sore for your loss. It is better to have an account that you can visit if necessary rather than arguing back and forth through phone and email. A place like Wihardja or FortyTwo; perhaps offer a slightly more expensive price than the overseas one, but have a smaller risk in shipping and scamming.

Kayden Teak Sofa

  1. Optimize holiday promo and event

So your sofa already looks like a miserable occupant in your house for a while, then why need to change it today. The best day for shopping online is on holiday and event when the store throwing unbelievable discount and promotion. An event like Black Friday and Green Monday can buy you that comfortable and lovely fabric sofa Singapore in your wishlist with 70% off. You can save the money for other furniture that perhaps also need immediate replacement. Subscribe your favorite store and check for promotion notification diligently. It may sound like too much effort but you will get the best sofa in the best price after all.

Lukas Sofa

  1. Buy pre-loved furniture online

Another tip for buying Singapore sofa is looking for pre-loved furniture. You will be surprised to find many people ready to bargain their belonging for a nice price just to get rid some space in their house. Most of the time the pre-loved item is still in a good condition or at least better than what you have right now if you are that desperate. This is a good solution if you really need a replacement but only have the little bit to spare for a new sofa.

Nathan Teak L-shape Sofa

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