What Is Suar Wood?

Suar Wood is also known as Samanea Saman. It was actually originated from South Mexico to Peru and Brazil, but it has been popular in South. Its cultivation has been practiced along the Southeast Asia and Hawaii. Suar Wood has been one of the most often wood used to build furnishings such as table, console table, stands, mirror frame, bench and chest.

Suar Wood has been used for decades by South East Asian countries such as Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, etc. Suar Wood is wide-known as one of the most durable and affordable woods. That’s the reason why many manufacturers produce budget furnishings as well as high-end ones with this.

The Suar Wood is known from the big tree with massive symmetrical crown. Its height can reach up to 25 m and the diameter can be up to 40 cm. Its habitat is in field and forest. Some even grows along the highway. Since the cultivating of this wood is very easy and it can be found almost anywhere, suar wood furniture is strongly demanded both locally and internationally.

Many furniture manufacturers make use of suar wood when carving, sculpting and structuring the furniture. This is categorized as hardwood, which is the reason why it has been chosen by many people. It offers sturdiness and durability. Suar Wood is easy to grow in new environments. In fact, it grows faster than other any type of hardwood.

Suar or Saman Samanea is actually a South American Native. But it has been spread quickly in the tropical countries. Most recognized country which claims suar wood cultivation are Thailand, Hawaii, Latin America, and Indonesia. The hardwood is also called as Rain Tree and Monkey Pod.

Sugar’s nature gives such toughness to home furnishings. The great thing about suar wood is that it features different colors in each layers. Each tree in the forest claims unique coarse textures. The ribbon-like figures are very stunning and artistic naturally. This what makes sculpturists are madly fond of the woods. They can’t hold the temptation to create such remarkable handicrafts and sculptures. Great for twisted stools like this.

Before becoming furniture, suar need to be kiln-dried. The dried hardwood of sugar is incredibly, sturdy, and durable. It is often compared with Black Walnut wood in term of quality. But of course, suar cost less than it. Suar wood is also often used as Mahogany replacement because of its competitive price in the market.

As with any hardwood nature, the furniture in Singapore made from suar wood will last longer under the proper maintenance and care. If you are planning to purchase durable furniture with competitive price, suar wood is your thing.

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