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At Wihardja, our furniture are made with teak wood that are known to be durable and lasting at an affordable price!
From bedside table, dressing tables, bedframes to cabinets and shelves, we have them all furniture you need for your bedroom in various styles such as Mid-Century Modern, Contemporary, Rustic, Scandinavian and many more!

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Customize options are available to alter the size of bedroom furniture
Find your next solid wood bedroom furniture for your home at Wihardja furniture showroom.

What is the purpose of a bed room?
A bedroom can have many functions. Though primarily bedroom is a place for sleep, it’s also a place where you work, study, relax and unwind. With so many uses in one room, it’s important that the interior design is well-built.

What is an ideal bedroom?
An ideal bedroom should be able to accommodate a King size bed with two bedside tables on each side and a wardrobe. After having this essential bedroom furniture, some also believe in having good Feng Shui in the bedroom!

How can I design my bedroom?
Firstly, choose a bedframe with a comfy headboard for you to rest against. Next, choose the right mattress and pillows for a good night sleep. Lastly, create a soft and calm ambience in the bedroom with soft warm lights.

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