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For generations, teakwood has been used extensively in shipbuilding, bridge-building and in furniture making due to its beautiful grains and durability that’s unequalled by any other timber.

Teakwood has a naturally high oil content thus making it highly resistant to insect infestations and rotting when exposed to the extremes of the changing seasons.
Teak is a product of nature and as such, no two pieces are ever the same. Teakwood will vary from light to dark brown and will also depend on which part of the tree it comes from and its age. Our teakwood comes from the government run plantations of Java, Indonesia, where it’s policy of cutting and replanting are strictly adhered to thus ensuring a continuing supply of this precious wood.

When unfinished teakwood is left exposed to the outdoors, it will gradually change to a shade of silvery grey. When it is oiled with teak oil, it takes on a light brown shade and through the years will take on a darker shade.

As in all timber, it is characteristic that small cracks may appear in due time but this will not affect the durability, construction and strength of the wood or product. This is due to the constant changes of weather and temperature and of the wood releasing and drawing in moisture from the atmosphere.

As teak is a dense wood, it can be used outdoor as water will not trapped in between the wood grains, this minimizes the changes of wood rot. However, overtime, the teak will fade to a grayish silver color if you want to maintain the teak color, you can apply teak oil to furniture once in 3 months.

Wihardja teak oil solution is specially made for maintaining and protecting almost all types of wooden surfaces and reviving the beauty of grains which have been badly weathered. After applications, the dull surfaces will look as good as new. This teak oil is available in all our stores. For more information, please call our customer service hotline 6922-4588.


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