Why you should buy solid wood furniture from Wihardja?

Why you should buy solid wood furniture singapore from Wihardja?


There are a lot of furnitures provider in singapore, but why you should buy solid wood furniture from Wihardja? Well, if you are a first timer, then you would first look for the cheaper price with attractive appearance. In the world of furniture, cheaper price and good looking doesn’t make a furniture worth to be called as “good”. The reason is simple, cheaper price means cheaper materials. Cheaper materials won’t last as long as higher grade materials with slightly costlier price. However, if adding a little money means you will get twice the quality, then it is far better choice than the first.


At Wihardja, we provide the complete information about a furniture piece, whether the dimensions, the materials, as well as the best price you could get. From here, you can really see the information about the furniture to the smallest details. When you know all the information, it will be easier for you to decide whether you want to get this piece or not. A good furniture is not necessarily expensive. You can say that something is quite expensive because the quality doesn’t worth the price. Solid wood furniture singapore are quite sensitive regarding the tree which it is derived from. That is why you should know the details of every single item you want to buy.


Wihardja has a support system which makes it easier for you to get your unanswered questions. If you are curious on something you can’t find on page, then you can directly contact our customer service through any means comfortable to you. It could be from hotline, chat, or whatsapp. Besides, we could also provide you with a consultation before buying. You might have a doubt about which one to but with your current home size and budget. But you don’t have to worry because we could give you the most suitable suggestion from our professional workers.you can decide whether you want to use the suggestions later on, or rather choose the one which you think more interesting. We are able to custom made furniture according to your needs. For example, we are able to help customize dining room furnitures like dining tables to fit the room with the number of seats based on your request.


The most important part of all is that our prices are directly from the factory. There is no middle men and no additional cost for your furniture. These are all real price and we can guarantee that ours are more affordable than most of furniture singapore providers out there.  Save your money for other home decorations and only get your solid wood furniture singapore from Wihardja!

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