Why you should buy loft beds instead of standard bed frames for your HDB flat?

Why you should buy loft bed instead of standard bed frames for your HDB flat in Singapore?

When you’re living in HDB flat, you certainly recognize the space is a treasure. You simply have a very limited space to install various type of furniture. Even though you’ve installed a super single bed frame, it’s not solving the problem. In fact, by choosing a standard bed frame in a super single bed size can provide you a problematic sleeping quality. In addition, the space problem is still around, haunted you HDB flat-based activities.

When you hardly find some extra space as you’re living in a tiny HDB flat, you should consider buying loft beds instead. Standard bed frames of course take a lot of your spaces. Indeed, it’s not all about the limitation of your HDB flat space nor the disadvantages of a standard bed frame, but also the advantages that can be gained from the loft beds. Loft bed gives you the freedom to move extra furniture without eating the space or creating untidiness. Loft bed will relax the crowd of your HDB flat so you can maintain a more pleasant bedroom. For instance, you can move your working space to the downstairs of the loft bed, what can be better? A loft bed can transform the bedroom into a playground for the children usages.


Loft bed presents an elevated bed that provides space to place other consoles like the computer, study desk, tables, lounge, sofa bed, and so forth. When you’re living in in your HDB flat alone, the loft bed is certainly a very recommended item. However, you should choose sturdy and though loft bed products, search for reviews to help you decide. Consider the size of your bedroom, it’s very important to save some space but you also have every right to get a tight sleep, avoid any single size bed frame loft bed even though you’re living alone. Of course, a loft bed is specially designed for those who already have the capability to climb the ladder. Applying it for very young children isn’t advisable.

When you have existing wood furniture and furnishings, make sure that the loft bed you want to buy doesn’t ruin your whole decorating. Loft beds are available in various designs and styles, you may not be free in measurement, but you’re allowed to choose any designs that suit your decorating, aren’t you? Now, you can check online furniture catalog and find your desired loft bed. Create some spaces and memorable experiences in your HDB flat.

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