Why Should You Buy Custom made Furniture in Singapore?

Why Should You Buy Custom made Furniture in Singapore?

If you live in Singapore and looking for good wood furniture for your house, you will not be disappointed. Singapore is one of prominent furniture producer and distributor. It is the home of IFFS or International Furniture Fair Singapore, the annual international exhibition for of home interior and design. It is one of the most distinctive channels of sourcing platform for latest style and furniture trend. Therefore, every year Singapore updated their portfolio, technique, and machinery development to produce a high-quality product.


Single Bed Frames

Gideon Teak Bed Frame Single


King Size Bed Frames

Hansen Teak Four Poster Bed King


Super Single Bed Frames

Terrell Teak Bed Frame Super Single


King Size Bed Frames

Tyne Teak Bed Frame King


Queen Size Bed Frames

Harrison Teak Bed Frame Queen


The customized furniture Singapore is the most distinctive product of this country. With delicate handy work, their craftsmen are qualified of using all types of woods and finishes. Buying customized furniture means you do not have to re-arrange your house to make a room for your favorite piece. The craftsman will think about that for you, whether it is a single chair or a reliable kitchen set. The house reflects the personality of the owner, there is no limit to fulfill every corner of your dream house with your own personal selection of furniture. The design also will not be a problem if you go customized because you can make almost everything in harmony with your building.


Customized furniture is also perfect for those who love teak and suar wood furniture. As you know, teak and suar wood are very precious and expensive. They are ageless, beautiful and durable for both indoor and outdoor furniture. Teak furniture Singapore is famous for its beauty and quality. The craftsmen can bring every grain come alive with detailed process and technique. Having a teak wood furniture in your house will make your room looks elegant and luxurious. The teak wood also often used in an office building or commercial building because of its distinguished character and ambiance. However, the teak is become rare every day due to illegal lodging and mistreatment. The user wood is more accessible, therefore less expensive than the teak but as beautiful. The craftsmen love using suar wood for customized furniture because it usually comes in long and thick part. Suar wood furniture will make a gorgeous centerpiece of a room, such as a reception desk in a lobby hotel or shopping mall.

Coffee Tables & Side Tables

Gavin Industrial Coffee Table With Wheels


Coffee Tables & Side Tables

Iesha Suarwood Twisted Stool


Coffee Tables & Side Tables

Alicia Teak Round Coffee Table


Coffee Tables & Side Tables

Valina Suar Wood Coffee Table


Bedside Tables & Storage

Vaylen Teak Oval Side Table


Coffee Tables & Side Tables

Trishelle Teak Trunk Coffee Table – Pink

Out of stock

Coffee Tables & Side Tables

Delta Suar Wood Coffee Table


Coffee Tables & Side Tables

Elise Teak Coffee Table


Buying a customized furniture from Wihardja will never make you regret your decision. Their professionalism when handling each piece of wood is already acknowledged by the worldwide customer. Their taste in terms of design is very wide and aesthetic. It is the best choice to personalize your home with a touch of nature and classic elegance.

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