What is Teak Wood?

What is Teak Wood?


You might have been looking for a really good furniture to decorate your home, but how do you differ the common piece from the exquisite one? Of course you will need to know what the base material is, what kind of wood used to make that furniture. There are various modern materials that is used to make modern furnitures, but the best one will always be wooden furnitures. Even among wooden materials, there are grades to differ the quality. The higher the grade, the furniture will also get more expensive. Teak wood is among the high grade materials and regarded as one of buyer’s’ choice. So, what is teak wood?


Teakwood is considered as the material which could provide both durability and elegant look. It is derived from a tree native to the tropical area called Tectona Grandis. Although teak wood furnitures are very common nowadays, but they used to be available only for nobility and the rich. This material is also good for building a ship, so it was used to build a lot of ship back in the day when the Dutch colonized Indonesia. Teak wood was also popular because of its natural resistance against dry rot.


Teak Furniture made with old teak could be considered a masterpiece. It is not because of the design or the other materials, but because old teak wood needs tens of years before it is ready to be harvested. An old teak wood needs at least 80 years from the day it is planted to be an excellent material. Naturally the woods would have leaked out their sap and oils after being cut down. But it is different with old teak wood. This kind of wood could preserve its natural substances even after being processed. All of the natural substances contained inside makes the teak wood naturally more resistant to weather. Just add a little finishing and you will be good to use them.


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