What is Solid Wood?

What is Solid Wood?


Of course we have heard about the types of furnitures before, but did you really know about the meaning behind the terms? Among the materials offered to you, there is also solid wood furnitures. What is solid wood, and how well is it compared to the other type of materials?


Solid wood is literally a lumber wood, or you can just say that it is a raw wood cut directly from a tree. But a lumber without a proper handling will twist and bend after being left for some time. This is why the raw materials should be stabilised first to have their internal torsion reduced. Solid wood could come from various types of tree including sheesham, teak, or pine. The strength of solid wood differs regarding which tree it is derived from. The stronger the characteristics of the tree, and so does the solid wood.


If we are talking about woods, then we are talking about living materials. Different from metal or other manufactured materials, woods could be influenced by weather and humidity. If you live in a place which is affected by those two factors, it is better for you to choose higher grade materials. But some advertisers have been confusing customers with plywoods which just contained very little of referred materials. Plywood is processed material, then it is finished with a thin layer of higher grade woods. This type of material couldn’t last long and it is impossible to perform a simple repair in case there is damage.


Solid wood often used in various projects like construction, cabinetry, furnitures, and flooring. It is just because the material is really of a good quality. No fillers or adhesive used in the making process, and it doesn’t easily get wrapped like manufactured ones. Although solid wood is stronger and more flexible, but it is more susceptible to stains. But you can rest assured because this type of wood could be easily repaired compared to the manufactured ones. Moreover, solid woods have different color, grains and pattern depending on the source. Woodworkers usually use several types of solid wood in a project based on the needs.


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