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Route 66 Industrial Bench

We are often asked by customers to propose furniture for their balcony or their industrial theme homes. One very nice design that comes to mind would be the Route 66 Industrial Bench.

From just a glance, this bench has the form of a old oil barrel. That’s because it was indeed made from an oil barrel!

As part of our Recycle and Reuse program, we have embarked on some furniture designs to create these unique furniture.

This bench has solid wood seat and cushions to provide a “not so cold” effect when you sit on it (sure beats sitting on a cold sheet of metal).

We are able to customize the colours of each bench to suite most of our customers needs. Available colours for now are Blue, Green, Red, Yellow or Black. Customers may also choose the colour of the text or have a different logo or text.

Each bench requires about 2 months to arrive to Singapore so place your order fast to avoid disappointment.

Alternative Suggestion

If space is not a problem for you, you can check out the Aden Industrial Drum Set of 3. This set is much bigger and sits comfortably for two with an additional coffee table.

If you looking for more industrial style furniture, we have more on display at our showrooms.

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