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Teak wood and Plywood

Having trouble deciding between a plywood piece of furniture or a solid wood furniture?

We’ll be going through the pros and cons for the both of them.

Let’s us ease your decision by tackling the main factor for both of the wood types.



Teak wood contains natural oil within its cells. Because of this teak wood is able to resist termites. Think of solid wood like the name suggest, one piece of solid. Plywood is treated with chemicals at the time of its manufacture, to make it termite-proof and borer resistant. Well for plywood it is attaching thin slices of wood to each other. Stacking it together to increase its durability.


Teak (Hardwood)


  • Look and feel

While plywood has improved greatly over the last few years, it still cannot match the authentic look and feel of solid wood.

  • Lifespan and recyclability

Solid wood can last for several decades, being sanded and refinished multiple times.


  • Cost

Teak has been one of the most popular exotic woods for centuries. This high demand, coupled with the fact that harvesting teak lumber is a long and tedious process, are what accounts for the high price tag for teak


Processed Wood (Plywood)


  • Cost

Plywood does come at different price points, common plywood is very low in price while others could be more expensive than solid wood.

  • Strength

Plywood is very sturdy because of the way it’s made. It’s generally layered several times over which adds more strength to the materials, coupled with glue and heat this strength is further enhanced.


  • Water retention

Plywood is susceptible to damage when exposed to water. It will retain water thus expanding and will not be able to return to its original shape. Water from the air can also affect plywood in the same way, especially in climates as humid as Singapore.

  • Prone to termites and wood bugs

Plywood lacks natural oils and these natural oils deter termites and wood bugs.


Final statement:

We favor solid wood, in particular teak, for its strength and natural grain appearance. Its versatile nature allows us to create many beautiful designs which are not possible with plywood or MDF. If you decide on getting a teak furniture, do pay us a visit.


Visit us at our showrooms for more detail.

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