How to Maintain Your Fabric Sofa

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Sofas require routine care and may get damaged if the stains and dirts are staying there for longer time. Hiring a professional cleaner may be a bit daunting since you are on a budget. Maintaining your fabric sofa does not have to be difficult and expensive. There are a lot of affordable cleaners and dry cleaning products sold in the department store. These can help you maintaining your fabric sofa as long as you properly conduct it.

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Maintain The Shape

The very first thing you notice about your fabric sofa is the shape of it. Make sure you routinely fluff them regularly to keep the shape. Fluffing the upholstery of your fabric sofa does not take a long time. Of course you can do it even if you are on a tight schedule. It only take 3 minutes at max. The removable cushions’ shape may be changed after longer usage. You can flip, fluff and rotate them regularly to sharpen them. That way you surely increase their longevity.


Use the Vacuum Cleaner

Fabric sofa nature is drawing dirts and dusts. The small and tiny gaps in your sofa body can be the best sanctuary of them. Dusts and dirts are the enemy of fabric. They can cause your fabric sofa to wear significantly. That’s why it is important to routinely get rid of them.

The most recommended way to draw these objects out is by vacuum them clean. You will realize that not only dirts and dusts, but also miscellaneous such as sauce sachets or tea bags resting in there.


Don’t ever let stains stay for longer time

If you notice that there is any stain, even it is small, don’t overlook it! Since fabric material is almost water resistant, it is very easy to remove stains. You just need to mix a warm water with liquid cleaner and apply the mixture on the dirty area by using cloth. Rinse the area with dry cloth. You can let it dry by using your room temperature or expose it indirectly to the sun.

Use Fabric Protector

Most sofas do not come with removable sofa covers. One effective way of protecting your sofa fabric is to use the good old traditional Scotchgard Fabric Protector. It gives the fabric some protection against stains and prolongs the lifespan of the sofa. Strongly recommended for those with children or those who love to entertain guests. This protector must be applied immediately before you start to use your brand new sofa. It will not be as useful if you were to use this fabric protector halfway through the sofa’s lifespan. Prevention is better than cure!

see this video for a demonstration of the application.

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