Increase Storage Space Easily in Your Living Room with these 3 Items!

Daybeds with storage space in Singapore

As BTO flats are decreasing in size over the years, the struggle with space is also becoming real! The living room is one area which most people overlooked; you can maximize your storage space in your living room with these three products! 

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1. We’ve added drawers at the bottom of a daybed for extra storage space! Keep your small and loose items in the drawers for easy reach. If you have your idea of how the daybed should be like, give us a call and we can help you achieve it!⁣

Storage Stool With Handle

2. How about placing some stools around your living room? These aesthetically-pleasing stools can be put away for decorative purposes, or pull out to increase seating capacity in your living room. However, don’t take these as normal stools – they have a hidden storage space under the lid! You can store some card games or board games for a night of fun when you have friends over! 

storage box

3. Decorative storage boxes. Store items you wish to keep away from the sight of your guests into decorative storage boxes and you can place them on the shelves or bookcase in your living room! 

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