Are You Planning on Purchasing New Bed Frame?

Are You Planning on Purchasing New Bed Frame?


In case you have purchased the new mattress set, the next thing to do is to pick the right singapore bed frame for it. When shopping around, you need to consider few things so that you won’t end up in the false product.


Personal taste always comes before everything else. Then you will need to pick the right size of the frame for your mattress. The modern beds usually come in different sizes including twin, full, king, and queen. For instance, if you have king sized bed, you will want to choose king size bed frame singapore. If you are purchasing bunk bed singapore, then you will probably go with twin, or full size bed, depending on how your children want to sleep. In most cases, the size of bed frame will depend on the available space in your room.


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King Size Bed Frames

Nataly Teak Bed Frame King




King Size Bed Frames

Samantha Teak Bed Frame King



There are many types of mattress offered in the market. If it is your first time, it can be an overwhelming task to do. But if you have measured your room properly, you must not have any problem in finding the right size of the mattress. Then the rest you can worry besides the design of the frame is the function.


King Size Bed Frames

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King Size Bed Frames

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Functionality is an absolute value that you can’t overlook. If you have children, you will need to think twice when browsing around something fancy. Well, the reason is obvious. Kids can get rough when they play or just do their daily activities. You don’t want something sharp and maleficent endangers them. For bunk bed singapore, it is a great idea to stick on the plain wooden frame which is safe for your children. Or, you could opt to a metal singapore bed frame with blunt edges, but still durable enough to withstand your kids’ bumps.






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Keep in mind to purchase the beds which have guard rail that prevent them from falling. Conventional bunk beds come with the ladder, which is not quite safe if your children are careless. Instead, you could get one with a staircase, allows your kids to climb up and climb down safely.







The rule of purchasing new singapore bed frame for your family is pretty simple. You need to know the fact that your new mattress needs proper support. The good thing here is that most mattresses in Wihardja are affordable. So it does not matter if you are on a tight budget, you will come across the new frame that is suitable for your room. Keep in mind that you are going to use this bed frame for a long time. It is worth your investment.

Alternatively, you can also opt for sofabeds as an alternative if space is an issue for you.

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