6 Homes Inspirations For That 70s’ Retro And Vintage Vibe

Minimalist and Scandinavian interior decor may be the trend right now, but some classics are always never out of trend. Retro vibes are coming back in full swing! From rattan furniture to solid teak wood furniture, the trend for home decor this year is starting to shift from white and minimalist to warm, bohemian colours.

Want some major throwback for your own home decor? Check out these homes for some inspirations on ways to incorporate the home decors you used to see in your grandma’s flat in Singapore with some modern pieces. 

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Industrial Urban Farmhouse 

This dining area is seriously emitting some retro vibes with its colour and wooden dining chair in Singapore! Cushions with contemporary prints are added to the bench so guests can lean back comfortably while adding a modern touch to the space. Gather your friends around as you reminisce about your childhood days!

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Rustic Mellow

Other than solid teak wood furniture, rattan or wicker furniture brings that vintage look to the space wherever it is placed in. With its warm yellow shade, make sure to complement it with some warm colours too like what this homeowner did! The rugs with cross prints bring that contemporary element to the space, blending the modern and the classic.

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Retro Disco

Other than furniture, you can play around with your wallpaper to bring that retro look to your space. Choose a feature wall to work with and get an iconic wallpaper such as this diamond-patterned ones and play around with the same shades of colour. Add some modern furniture instead of retro ones to mix up the look.

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Classic Vintage

Other than classic or getting vintage furniture pieces, scandinavian furniture is another option when it comes to furnishing the house. Complement it with warm shade and some pop of reds to really bring out that 1970s vibe such as this cabinet in Singapore!

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Close With Nature

Wooden flooring can lend a vintage look to your space as well. Mix it up with some modern elements by adding contemporary or modern prints to your space. This home has chosen a beautiful feather-print wallpaper in white and green, keeping to the earth tones.

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Retro Glam

1970s home decor is all about those earth tones with some bold colours. Take this living room for example! They went bold with an earthy blue for the wall while matching it with its complementing colour, yellow. The furniture pieces that were chosen for the living room all incorporated wood, bringing some major throwback to the space.

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