5 Tips For Homeowners To Protect Your Furniture During Festivities

One more month to Hari Raya! We’ve been busy stocking our showrooms with ready-stock items for all our customers who wish to furnish their home just before Hari Raya! As homeowners, we wish to give our guests a good experience when they come over for festivities by replacing any old furniture and decorating the house.

So now, you’ve got guests leaning back comfortably on the sofa in the living room with a cup of beverage in their hands. The worst scenario here would be any spills or food stains on the new rug you got for the living room or the white cushions you have just bought to replace the old ones for your sofa. Here are some tips for you so you can relax during the party and stop being paranoid about any food stains or spills!


Declutter. Take this time to start decluttering your home! Store away any items you do not frequently reach for and place items back to where they belong. This would help to reduce not only visual clutter but also any accidents in the home, such as knocking over that bottle of ketchup and causing spills

Place pads at the bottom of your furniture. You might be mindful of your hardwood floor and lift the chair up to sit but your guests will probably be clueless and just drag the chair in and out. Other than protecting your floor, it is a good way to reduce noises as well.

Place coasters on the table. If you have a wooden dining table or coffee table, prevent any rings on your furniture and protect furniture finishes by spreading out coasters on the table so that guests will use them automatically. Leaving them in a tidy stack will probably not do the trick.

Perform light clean-ups in between. As you and your guests finish the food, you can look around for any empty cups or plates and start placing them in the sink. Not only does this reduce chance of spills, but it also speeds up the cleaning after the guests have left.

Lastly, it helps to give some friendly reminders to your guests!

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