5 Insider Tips to Styling Home Accessories

Simple styling tips for your interior


Choosing your colour palette.

Choose neutral colours as your base – sand, greys, white etc. Neutral colours allow you to play with a wide range of colours, offering versatility when it comes to choosing accent colours. For accent colours, choose one or two for items that can be easily removed in case you wish to change the colours and give the space a new look.

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Decide on the focal point.

When you have finished curating your items for display, decide on one item to be your focal point and work around it. This will give you a better sense of what objects to display – whether it’s by size, colour or shape.

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Add in layers.

Start by a few large pieces, and slowly adding smaller objects to achieve your ideal look. Remember to give your curated space some breathing space as well to prevent it from looking like it’s just a surface for you to store your items.

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Study the space you have to decide what would best fit your space. There are times when homeowners chose paintings that are too large for their room, or home accessories too small for the space to be more appealing visually.

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Keep it clutter-free.

After you have finally decorated your space, remember to keep it clutter-free. Avoid placing other small objects around or your curated space will look messy pretty soon!

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