5 Fuss-free DIY Ideas To Spruce Up Your Garden

Choosing the right outdoor furniture can make a change to the look of your garden or outdoor space. If you have little budget left for other furnishings around your garden, try out these DIY projects that will literally cost you nothing! 


Hanging Potted Plants

What you’ll need is simply just some strong strings and a pot! Follow the easy tutorial below to create a beautiful hanging pot for your plants! 


Patterned Stepping Stones

Get some lace coasters or a table mat and a spray paint of your choice. Place the lace over the steps and give it 2-3 coats of paint! Remember to cover the surrounding area of the stone steps. Fuss-free and beautiful! 




Cork Label

Label your plants by reusing corks from wine bottles! Give the corks a good rinse and label your plants. Use a stick (think satay stick) and stick one end to the cork while the other end to the soil. 


Mini Beach Chair

Add some decorations to your garden with this mini-sized beach chair! Add some sand and small stones to make it appear more surreal! 


Dining Benches

Reid Teak Bench


Dining Benches

Jonas Teak Dining Bench


Dining Benches

Cymone Teak Dining Bench


$599.00 $399.00

Dining Benches

Ronan Teak Dining Bench


Dining Benches

Kyler Teak Dining Bench



Rustic Garden Seats

Reuse your old car tires and turn them into beautiful rustic seats that can be placed in the garden to increase seating capacity! Use a sturdy rope to cover the the center of the tire and make sure that it can support your weight. Lastly use a rustic rope and go around the car tires. Use a glue gun to secure them in place!



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