5 Elegant And Classic Teak Sofa For A Vintage Twist In The Living Room

We’re loving this living room layout! Placing two single-seater on each side of the three-seater sofa creates a cosy and intimate setting for your guests. It makes having a conversation with your guests easier as well and adds additional seats to accommodate more people in the living room, perfect if you have that aunt who loves to pop by unannounced! 

Throw in some cushions to prop your back up as you settle in to catch your favourite drama. Check out these four other classic teak sofa to add an elegant and vintage touch to your living room.




The homeowner has added back cushions for more comfort while lounging infront of the TV! Get a matching coffee table so that you can place your cup of coffee as you enjoy your show. It provides a good surface to work on if you like to multi-task infront of the TV as well. 

With a large living room, this homeowner use sofa to cleverly section the dining area and the living room. If you have a large hall as well, get inspired and place the sofa in the middle of the hall so that you can define each space of your house more clearly.

You can also add a console table at the back of the sofa to better define each space and increase storage space in the living room. Reminisce your relaxing Bali trip last holiday when you look at the framed photos displayed on console table!

Need more seating space when guests come over? Get a three-seater and a two-seater teak sofa! This homeowner has also customized the fabric of the mattress for the teak sofa so that it matches the colour of their floor tiles as well.

If you have pets and worry about them peeing near your new furniture, add some scent around the furniture so that it deter them from doing so! For example, if you have a dog at home, you can try rubbing the legs of the furniture with some lemon or orange peels. 

The intricate carvings on these teak wood sofa is handcrafted to add elegance to your living room. They are perfect to bring that Bali resort-style into your living space. Browse more furniture in Singapore online at Wihardja. 

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