5 Balcony Hacks to Bring Your Balcony Design to Another Level

01. Lay artificial grass

For that garden vibe, lay some artificial grass on the floor. Alternatively, you could get interlocking deck tiles which are easy to assemble and remove. You could also use artificial grass together with interlocking deck tiles to segregate areas of your balcony!

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02. Place potted plants

Plants are not only beneficial for health, but it also adds greenery to your space, drawing nature closer to your home. A great way to minimize standing space is by using a towel ladder to hang your plants!

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03. Add a bistro set

A bistro set is great for enjoying some morning sun on a weekend morning, sipping on a cup of coffee or watching the sunset in the evening. If space allows, add a swing!

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04. Place a portable grill

Turn your balcony into a venue party with a portable grill! Get a small and portable grill that is easy to use and store away when it is not in use. Alternatively, there are also tabletop grills that sit on a table without taking any standing space.

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05. Add stools

If you need to increase your seating capacity, stools are absolutely the best solution for it! Get stools with hidden storage space so you can store your knick-knacks!  

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