5 Awesome & Affordable Tingkat Delivery Services In Singapore!

Too lazy or no time to cook at home? Check out these 5 super affordable tingkat delivery services in Singapore that delivers homecooked food right to your doorstep! 


Select Catering

What’s special about Select Catering is they actually offers free dessert every Wednesday for packages with a minimum of 4 pax! Their prices are super affordable, starting from $4.28/day for a minimum of 2 pax. You can choose the numbers of day as you wish.  

KCK Food Catering

KCK Food Catering offers local food delights, with a minimum of $5.25 per day for a pax. Their minimum package caters to 2 pax for 20 days. Before you commit to their 20 days package, give their 10 days trial a try at $120! Do note that your meals will be delivered in microwaveable containers which comes at additional costs on top of your package! 

338 Catering

338 Catering offers tingkat delivery services for 2-5pax. They have a wide selection of food, making sure that every meal is a delicious treat. Click here to find out more. 

Qilin Catering [For Halal meals]

Qilin Catering offers mouth-watering Halal dishes with prices starting from $6.25/day for a minimum of 2pax for a 20 day package! They also have a 10-day trial package. 

Jessie Catering

Jessie Catering offers a 20 day package which starts from $8/day for consumers who are looking for more variety. Check out their 5 days trial here!  


Mini Tingkats




Colourful Tingkats



Round tingkats


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