5 Antique Furniture We Would Love To See In Singapore HDB

Our first time receiving a customized order for a kitchen cabinet! To go with the customer’s retro interior theme, they chose to stain it in the darker wood shade and took some design elements from vintage kitchen cabinets, such as the overhead glass shelves. Should we do more vintage-inspired furniture? 

In the meantime, check out these 5 Antiques Home Furniture that should definitely make a comeback and get inspired! 


Dressing Table

There’s even a place for you to hang your hats on this dressing table! It is kept simple yet with attention to intricate details. 

Display Cabinet

Honestly, I’m a little lost on how what category this product falls under. It looks like a display cabinet yet it offers a mirror on the top right, with even small table top that can be used for writing! No matter what it really it, I’m loving the cool combination! 








Dining Chairs

Adlyn Teak Arm Chair



Sofa set

Small sofa with a side table that is fully integrated into it! It definitely looks convenient for placing and storing items! And the best part: no coffee table needed! 


A tall wardrobe sitting on bowed legs bring out the playfulness of this antique furniture! There’s also three long mirrors on the front, with slates at the end of the doors to provide ventilation so that your clothes don’t smell musky! 


Dining Chair

Look at all the amazing details on the backing of the chair, carved out from solid wood! The velvet seat also adds a touch of opulence to it! Kudos to all the craftsmen in the past! 

Bedside Tables & Storage

Demia Teak Sliding Door Cabinet


Bedside Tables & Storage

Hernando Teak Sideboard


Bedside Tables & Storage

Skyden Teak Chest of Drawers


Bedside Tables & Storage

Nora Teak Buffet 1.5m

Rated 5.00 out of 5

Bedside Tables & Storage

Dean Teak Buffet 2.1m


Bedside Tables & Storage

Clyde Teak Cabinet


Bedside Tables & Storage

Dean Teak Buffet 1.8m


Bedside Tables & Storage

Kennedy Teak Buffet


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