3 Questions You Should Be Asking When Purchasing Suarwood Furniture

Suar wood slabs up for sale at Sungei Kadut outlet for dining tables with customizable legs

Considering to purchase a Suarwood product soon? Suarwood products will definitely be the focal point of your home interior with its bold and beautiful wood grains. They also definitely do not come with a cheap price tag! 

Suarwood is a big ticket item, and will last you perhaps a lifetime! So as you start looking around for Suarwood products, here’s three questions you should ask the furniture store you’re purchasing from before making the purchase.

1. Customization and extra charges.

Most of the furniture store in Singapore do accept customization when it comes to Suarwood products, especially if you’re looking to purchase a Suarwood slab for a dining table or a dining bench. At Wihardja, we offer customers the flexibility of choosing the material and the design of the legs to pair with the Suarwood slab. Ask the sales staff about what can be customized to better suit your current home decor and if it will incur any additional costs so that it will be easier for you to work within your budget. 

2. Warranties.

In the event the product has some issues after it was being delivered to the house, as a consumer we want to know what is being covered for and how long will we be covered for. Of course, we do not wish that it will happen. Touch wood. But in all seriousness, better play safe lah so we know our purchase will be covered.

3. Care and maintenance.

As with all products, the beauty of a Suarwood furniture will only be preserved if you know the proper way of cleaning and caring for it. For Suarwood furniture, minimal care is needed. All you simply need is some soap solution that isn’t too strong to clean your Suarwood furniture regularly. If you’re unsure, do check with the sales staff when you make your purchase!

‘If you truly love Nature, you’ll find beauty everywhere.’ – Van Gogh⁣

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