3 Quick Tips To Pick A Painting For Your Space

Give your space a new look with some paintings and arts! Follow the three tips below for a quick guide in selecting that perfect painting for your space. 

Colour Scheme

One of the easiest ways to choose a painting is to select one that matches the colour of your space! The easiest way is to take a photo of the space you are planning to hang your painting at to help you better envision the final look of the space.



Choosing the right size is crucial as you don’t want a painting that’s too tiny for the space or a painting that looks oversize for the room. As a general rule of thumb, the art should fill half to three-quarter of the space.  


Portrait or Landscape? 

For a quick way to determine, just follow the orientation of the wall where the painting will be! A portrait would suit a tall and narrow wall the best, whereas a landscape would fit a long rectangular space. 


$89.00 $55.00

$55.00 $25.00

$55.00 $20.00

$139.00 $89.00

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