3 Outdoor Swings Alternatives For Your Balcony And Porch In Singapore

There‚Äôs just something magical about swings that draws and invite people to sit on it . From the young to the old, everyone enjoys sitting on it, enjoying the cool breeze as they swing gently on it. These pair of teak wooden outdoor swings also comes with a canopy to offer shelter and protect the swing from the harsh sun and heavy rains in Singapore. Give it a wipe with wood polish occasionally to preserve its shine, or let it age beautifully. 

Here are other alternatives if you are looking for an outdoor swing char in Singapore!

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Swing Chair

They are perfect if your balcony lacks space but you still want to enjoy sitting on a swing! Meant for one person, you might want to add another of these or add other seats to accommodate more people in the balcony. A tip to protect your outdoor furniture is installing some blinds so that it can prevent rain or the sun from shining down when you’re not using the balcony. 

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Swinging Daybed

Not common in Singapore, but these swinging daybeds are a pretty common alternative to replace the conventional sofas for living rooms overseas. They are great as a seat to put on your shoes in the entryway too. 

Place them anywhere and they will definitely be everyone’s new favourite place to sit! 

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If you love your lazy afternoon naps, hammocks are great for taking a nap while enjoying the breeze! 

Be sure to secure them tightly at the ends. Add some plants as well to complete that beach-resort vibe. 

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